Goodreads “I thoroughly enjoyed this debut book. Ms. Leach is a gifted storyteller who weaves an interesting tale. Sheri’s struggle to accept something beyond her understanding and the search for her own identity captivates the reader from start to finish. As an avid reader, I am always looking for something different, something I’ve not seen before. This novel was it. A very enjoyable read!” – Elana Lanzetta

“Exciting from beginning till end! I had so many questions and as they began to be answered more kept popping up! I could not put it down! A story that tugs at your heart with a mother trying to raise her son who was different than other children, all alone, and to not be raised as she was, all alone. Love, intrigue, excitement and a ending (or maybe a beginning) that I didn’t see coming!” – Ann Buckhams

“Sheri Lambert is a single mother raising an unusual child Zig. He tells her about his life as a shaman. He tells her things she couldn’t possibly know. Is there such a thing as déjà vu? Reincarnation? How does her son know so much? All these questions she tries to unravel answers too. She delves into her past to try and understand her son and their future. I found this book interesting, intriguing, and believable, as Annette Leach seems to have used some of herself in the story.” – Dawn Cronk

“I loved this book, from the first page through to the last page it kept me wanting to keep reading and not stop. Some books that go from the past to the present are confusing but not in this case it is very easy to follow what is happening. I am looking forward to reading more from this author. Well done Annette Leach. It is a great debut novel.” – Julie Banton

“This story was hypnotic and alluring as a mother struggles to find her past to know who she is. …Across the exploration, the reader will root for single mother Sheri and her son Zig in the present day and be captivated by a family meeting an indigenous Shaman in 1899. It all comes full circle when the past is reborn into today. Romance, intrigue, the struggle of single motherhood and discovering roots all culminate into a fantastic tale.” – Shannon Gonzalez

Book Bloggers “The book is well-written and the author does a very good job switching from the past to the present. Some stories that jump from past to present and back again seem choppy. This story flowed smoothly. The author does an amazing job with the imagery. It was easy to imagine life at the turn of the century in Panama and the hectic city life of New York. The characters are realistic and engaging. I found myself wondering what would happen next with Sherri and Zig and their adventures.” – Dawn Thomas

“Beautifully written. A story that touches you and evokes deeply set emotions as you embark on a journey you will not forget. Dynamic, resplendent and exquisite. I loved this story from the first page to the last. The pacing was nearly perfect right up to the very last words. Believable well fleshed out characters helped paint the scenes beautifully and weave the silky threads of their tales.” – Jennifer Strohschein 

“…a past-lives story full of romantic love as well as unconditional love, namely that of a mother for her son. I really enjoyed this story, as it was well-paced and well-written. I certainly hope this novel brings success for Leach and she produces other books in the future. I would definitely like to check them out.” – Bert Edens

“This story made the hair on the back of my arms stand straight up. Unforgettable.” – Rosemary Smith

NetGalley “Annette Leach weaves a tale that is part fanciful and completely intriguing…From a forbidden love hundreds of years ago to a young boy in present day, Ms. Leach successfully crosses the centuries bringing the readers along with ease. This novel makes one ponder the possibility of past lives and think harder about deja vu. An intricate story told in a simplistic way. I look forward to reading more of Annette Leach’s work.” – Dee Casado

“This book drew me in immediately and I could hardly stop reading. There are many stories within the pages but it was the opening where I wanted to know more about the characters and their lives. Zig and his mother are living in New York in modern times and yet the characters in 19th century Panama and Costa Rica are interwoven. This is a story of spirit and mysticism. A beautiful and compelling novel full of atmosphere. I would recommend the novel highly.” –Felicity Gibson

“…a story of a single mum Sheri and her son Zig, a quirky kid whose memory appears to go back to long before he was born. I don’t know anything about Shamanism…But it peaked my interest and now I want to know more. A great first novel. I look forward to reading more from Annette Leach.” – Kerry Marsh

“I loved being able to compare and contrast the modern world of today with the shamanic world of the past…As my family’s resident genealogist, I do have to say that you can learn alot about yourself and your parents by learning more about your ancestors. And it is through finding out about her ancestors that Sheri is truly able to discover herself…I feel that Annette really did a wonderful job on creating believable characters and a story line that truly engrossed me.” – Norma Wills

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