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What If Your Ten-Year-Old Knew More About Your Past Than Anyone In The WorldEven You?

Sheri Lambert is the classic New York workaholic: driven ad exec, financially successful, emotionally empty. Searching for meaning in her life, Sheri becomes a single mother. From the start, her son, Zig, displays strange behavior. He recalls people and places he couldn’t possibly know and leads Sheri to a startling discovery of a hidden ancestry she never knew existed. With Zig, the past alters the present and reality merges with the fantastic.

From the urban grind of present-day Brooklyn to the shamans and rituals in the rain forests of 19th century Panama and Costa Rica, two interwoven stories collide. Sheri learns she must find the courage to trust Zig and his mystical guidance to uncover the secrets of her past—or remain lost from herself and the truth about her origins.

Praise for Song of the Shaman:

“A beautiful and compelling novel about a mother’s yearning—for her origins, for unconditional love, for the sacred, and for the secret behind her son’s mysterious connections to the past. Song of the Shaman tells a haunting story of what happens when the wounds etched on a woman soul long ago are finally brought into the light of awareness.”  —Nancy Peske, Co-Author, Cinematherapy for the Soul: The Girl’s Guide to Finding Inspiration One Movie at a Time

“The opening scene is a gritty one of a woman giving birth on the Brooklyn Bridge. Which of course means I can’t stop reading even if I wanted to. What a way to open a book!”—Tiphanie Yanique, Author, Land Of Love And Drowning.

“A rich, atmospheric story about an adopted woman’s journey towards motherhood and spiritual awakening.” —Lisa Shea, Author, Hula.

“I was totally taken by the modern woman’s struggle with identity and spirituality.”  —Catherine Texier, Author, Victorine

“Annette Leach weaves a fascinating historical love story with a present day, single mother’s quest for self-discovery. In both women work to transcend the cultural norms of their time. A well-written, thoroughly enjoyable page turner.” —Deirdre Fishel, Writer, Director, and Producer, Sperm Donor X


Song of the Shaman by Annette Vendryes Leach

Publisher:  MindPress Media, First Edition

Paperback:  258 pages  ISBN 978-0-9894912-0-4  $14.95

Ebook:  ISBN 978-0-9894912-1-1  $3.99

Audiobook:  8 hours, 6 min B00R1S4MNU $19.95





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